Signature Projects Showcase

Delve into our portfolio of distinguished projects, where each stands as a beacon of our capability, innovation, and dedication. From residential marvels to strategic infrastructure, these projects underscore our comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence across diverse sectors. Below is a highlight of our signature endeavors:

Name of Projects
Life Style Residencia
Chamman Crossing Point
Rumanza Golf & Country Club Multan
Shopping Complex DHA Multan
Monuments DHA Multan (10 No)
Gym Khana (Billing & Supervision)
Taq House Office(Billing & Supervision)
Qurtaba School Building
Nust Faculty Apartment
ICT Golra Shareef (Estimation & Tender)
ICT Women Police Station G7 Markaz (Estimation & Tender)
Nailore Height Islamabad (Tender)
Pemra Zonal Office (Revise Estimate)
Zong Office Karachi (Estimation and Tender)
Zong Office Gujranwala (Estimation and Tender)
Zong Office Multan (Estimation and Tender)
Chugtai Lab (Tender & Estimation)
Hospital at 98 Shadman (Tender & Estimation)
94 Poken Road (Gawader Society)
Balance Work of O.H.W.T at DHA (Tender AAA)
PCTB Boundary Wall & Waiting Area (Tender AAA)
DHA Shops (Supervision & Billing AAA)
Jinnah Library (Tender AAA)
Pak Navy Strong Room (Engineer’s Estimate & Tender AAA)
Renovation and Maintenance of OPS School Gujrat (Tender AAA)
Sheerin Katas Raj (Billing & Supervision)
Disease and diagnostic Laboratory (DAI Pakistan Labs)
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical College Karachi (DAI Pakistan Labs)
Nishter Hospital Multan (DAI Pakistan Labs)
4 marla plaza (Al-jalil Garden)
Boiler House (Daying Sons)
Mr. Umer House (Daying Sons)
Angori Scheme
Office Design Emson
Imran Idrees Hospital Sialkot Primecon
Project 215-K (City Mall Gulburg)
MCB Bank New Era
Sardar Eye Hospital
17.5 Plaza DHA phase 7 Latitude Solution
Bank Al-Habib Bilal Ganj
NOVA Medical Center Davis Road Lahore
Gul Ahmed Sialkot Project
Head Office Al-jamal Group
Nestle Head Office
Xinhua Mall
Zameen Office Boulevard-64 Lahore
Zameen Office New Aurega Mall (Gulburg Lahore)
Filtration Plant AMU
Mr. Ayaz Saleem House-Lake City AMU
Quette Small Room Project (EVO Tech)
MCB Nishat Mill Branch (Azam SB)
Apex Mall (Bahawalpur Project)
Askari Bank Karyanwala Gujrat (Billing & Supervision)
MCB DHA Main Boulevard (Billing & Supervision)
MCB Lalamusa (Billing & Supervision)
MCB Mull chownk (Billing & Supervision)
MCB Talagang (Billing & Supervision)
Mr. Rehan Iqbal House (Engineer’s Estimate)
Orion Plaza Jahania (Engineer’s Estimate)
Al-Khidmat Warehouse (Design & Engineer’s Estimate)
AQ Khan Hospital (BOQ & Tender)
Railway Police Meeting Hall (Estimation and Tender)
Railway Police Male Hostel & Barrack (Estimation and Tender)
Railway Police Female Hostel & Barrack (Estimation and Tender)
Railway Police Academic Block (Estimation and Tender)
Loralai Balochistan (Estimation and Tender)
MCB Bank Ferozwattwan (Billing & Supervision)
MCB Bank Sheikhupura (Billing & Supervision)
HBL Sahiwal (Design)
HBL Silakot (Design)
Lahore City College (Estimation and Tender)
White Park Station (Estimation)
AQT Khans SMC Boundary Wall (Estimation & Tender)
Mr. Zaheer House (Estimation)
Dr. Saima House (Supervision Billing Estimation Tendering)
Askari Plaza Basement Work (Estimation Supervision & Billing)
SQ Mall (Tender)
Shoukat Khanum Parking Plaza (Estimation)
CarreFour Market Mid Town (Estimation)
618 M2 Lake City (Estimation)
Engro Polymer and Chemical Limited (Estimation)
Mr. Sarfraz Ahmed Residencia (Estimation)
Mr. Khurram Qadri (Estimation)
Mrs. Farwa Residencia (Estimation)
Mrs Sadia & Rehan House (Estimation)
Mrs. Faryal Butt House (Estimation)
Masjid Riaz ul Jannah (Tender & Estimation)
Monument Tower (Estimation)
Sharf ud Din Goheer Model High School (Estimation & Tender)
Site Office HMR Waterfront Karachi
Residential Villa (Estimation)
Shadbag Plaza (Design & Estimation)
Monument Tower Multan (Estimation)
Resort (Estimation)
Superior House Boundary Wall (Tender)
Wakha Restaurant (Tender)
Zainma Mall (Tender & Billing)
Mr. Zakki House (Estimation)
Zoli Garments Factory of Zoli International
Shahzad Town House (Estimation)
House #211-T DHA Phase 8 Lahore (Estimation & Supervision)
Dr. Tayyab Hospital (Structure Design)
Plot No 365 Grand City Kharian (Structure Design)
Rescue 1122 Office Lalamusa (Structure Design)

Pioneering Third-Party Validation Projects

AMU Consultants takes pride in our extensive involvement in Third-Party Validation (TPV) Projects, ensuring compliance, quality, and efficiency in critical infrastructure developments across the nation. Our role in these projects underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of engineering and construction practices. From enhancing renewable energy sources to facilitating industrial growth and ensuring public safety, our TPV projects represent our dedication to contributing positively to the nation’s development. Here’s a glance at some of the pivotal projects we’ve validated:

Name of TPV Projects
Guide Spurs in Sahiwal District
Civil Works of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Cholistan Bahawalpur
Development of Multan Industrial Estate (Rs.915.00 Million)
Construction of Additional Bay at 132KV Grid Station Sundar Industrial Estate (Rs.109.47 Million)
Construction of External Work Approach road Boundary wall and Gate Rahimyar Khan Industrial Estate (Rs.96.50 Million)
Construction of Infrastructure works for Tetrapak and Power Plant Area Sundar Industrial Estate (Rs.51.46 Million)
Construction of the Pakistan Drug Testing & Research Center Building at Sundar Industrial Estate (Rs.34.00 Million)
Establishment of Government Institute of Emerging Technologies (GIET) Lahore Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
Marquee Hall Lahore

Expertly Managed Claims Projects

At AMU Consultants, our proficiency extends into the meticulous domain of claims management, where accuracy, detail, and fairness preside. Our involvement in claims projects showcases our expertise in navigating complex contractual challenges and advocating for just resolutions. Through comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, and steadfast negotiation, we’ve successfully managed claims for high-profile projects, ensuring equitable outcomes for all parties involved. Here are some of the notable claims projects we’ve spearheaded:

Claims Projects
Qavi Engineers for Walled City Lahore Project-Package-I
United Engineers Contractor for Lahore Stock Exchange Car Parking facility
Hyosung Claim for 220Kv Substation in Gujrat (Extension of Time & Cost Claim)
Interhom Claim for Computing New Weightages of Steel
Sigma Engineers Claim
Computed Quantities for Arbitration of the Substation Project in Rahim Yar Khan

Voices of Satisfaction and Success

At AMU Consultants, we pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from those we serve. Our dedication to each project’s success is echoed in the words of our clients. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with us:

The team at AMU Consultants not only listened to our ambitious project ideas but made them a reality. Their attention to detail and innovative cost-saving strategies were game-changing.
Emma Brown
Director of Cityscape Developers
Choosing AMU Consultants was the best decision we made. They went above and beyond, delivering exceptional quality ahead of schedule, which was a remarkable feat for our complex project.
Alex Turner
COO of BuildRight Inc.